1883, A Journey
Through the Archives
Exhibition Identity, 2023

The project involves the exhibition identity design for '1883, A Journey Through the Archives,' celebrating the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations between South Korea and the United Kingdom.

To convey the enduring bond between the two nations over the past 140 years, a form of intertwined ropes was employed as a graphic motif. This visual representation, wherein two strands harmoniously merge into a singular line, serves to symbolise the intimacy characterising the relationship between the two countries. Furthermore, the elongated configuration of the rope embodies the journey traversed over the years.

CLIENT The KCCUK (The Korean Cultural Centre UK)
YEAR 2023
CATEGORY Exhibition Identity
SCOPE Poster, Brochure, Booklets, Window Vinyl, Wall Vinyl, Web Banner, E-Invitation, Press Release
TOOLS Illustrator, InDesign