Butter Shower
Brand Identity, Art Direction, Digital, … , 2021

Cape Corporation is a company that unfolds a diverse array of health and beauty brands. Within this domain, this project involves the product development and design of the brand and its corresponding online retail platform. This initiative aligns with the prevailing market trends in South Korea, specifically targeting the 20-30 age demographic, which exhibits a preference for ingredient-led products, masstige offerings, and online shopping.

The brand specialises in products where butter serves as the primary ingredient, emphasising its dual function of providing nourishment and moisture. The brand name 'Butter Shower' has been crafted to depict these attributes. In order to position and develop this brand as a masstige product, inspiration has been drawn from hotel amenities, guiding the comprehensive evolution of the brand identity for the product and its online retail platform.

CLIENT Made at Cape
YEAR 2021
CATEGORY Brand Identity, Packaging, Art Direction,
Digital, Illustration
SCOPE Logo, Product Development, Packaging,
Art Direction for photo-shooting, Website(Desktop/Mobile), Illustration
TOOLS Illustrator, InDesign, Figma, html, CSS, jQuery
WEBSITE https://thebuttershower.com