Ways of Reading 02: A Day in Hyde Park
Digital, Interaction, Coding, … , 2023

On the contrary, the second study, ‘Ways of Reading: A Day in Hyde Park’, challenges the negative perception of skimming information. Colomina and Wigley (2016, p. 35) suggested that humans gradually redesign themselves to effectively utilise new technologies, drawing from how human hands adapt to human-made tools. In the same vein, the emerging generation, born in an entirely digitally transformed era, may have different abilities and perceptions regarding printed and digital books, as they do not differentiate between analogue and digital media. The study examines the adequacy of existing book formats for the new generation, who primarily engage in skim reading, and how to offer them ‘deep reading’ experiences.

In their modified reading habits, exposure to extensive and fragmented information may potentially enhance concentration. In alignment with this perspective, the project introduces a form of ‘hyperlink fiction’ where the narrative unfolds through hyperlinks containing fragmented content. This fiction portrays multiple characters in Hyde Park, inviting readers to infer Anne's favourite item and engaging them in an immersive experience. This format diverges from traditional printed books and PDF e-books. The investigation aims to deliver deep-reading experiences through the creation of experimental literature.

CLIENT Final year project at Central Saint Martins
YEAR 2023
CATEGORY Digital, Interaction, Coding, Visual Identity, Photography
SCOPE Website(Desktop), Writing, Photography, Poster
TOOLS html, CSS, jQuery, p5.js, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Ilford Sprite 35-II
WEBSITE https://novvmk.github.io/a_day_in_hyde_park/